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Gibson dominated the semi-hollow guitar market from the 1950s onward, spurring Fender to try and gain market share in that segment in the 1970s. To do that, they developed the Fender Starcaster, a short-lived offset semi-hollow guitar with dual humbuckers. A loyal fan base grew for decades after production ended, leading to several boutique builds based on the template (i.e. the Bilt Volare, Paul Langudoec's custom build for Trey Anastasio). Finally, Fender hear the calling in 2012 and reissued the guitar as the Modern Player Starcaster. The model is built in China to keep costs and pricing affordable, but offers the same essential design elements as the original.

Product Specs

  • Modern Player Starcaster
  • Aged Cherry Burst
  • Black
  • Natural
  • 2014 - 2017
Made In
  • Mexico