Fender Bassman 5E6 1956

While the original Bassman combo of 1952 was intended to accompany Fender's new electronic basses, it didn't take long for rock and blues guitarist to embrace the raw tube power of the line. In 1954, the Bassman was upgraded from a 1x15 to a 4x10-inch combo. The early era of Fender Bassman amps laid the groundwork for virtually all rock combos to follow, so much so that it was the 4x10 Bassman that inspired the very first Marshall-branded amp in 1962. Like most early guitar amp combos, the value of Fender Bassman amps is extremely susceptible to condition. Very few all-original early Bassman amps remain intact giving the delicacy of some components like the Tweed covering.  

Years of Production: 1952 - 1971

Electronics: 40-watts, bright input, normal input, 2 x 2AY7 pre-amp tubes, 2 x 6L6G power-tubes, 2 x 5U4GA rectifier tubes

Controls: Volume, EQ, Presence, Volume Bright, Volume Normal

Notable Players: David Gilmour, Brian Setzer 

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