The Eventide H9 Max collates the largest collection of algorithms and presets in this pedal series in the same compact chassis that's a ready fit for any board. Loaded with 49 effect algorithms from company staples like the Space and TimeFactor with 99 available presets, this tiny square serves up iconic effects like the Quadravox and Ducked Delay by simply twisting the big black knob. Going even further with six H9 Max onboard algorithms and an additional 500 presets available through the H9 Control app, the Max is more effects command center than stompbox.

Product Specs

  • H9 Max Harmonizer Multi-Effect Pedal
  • White
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer/Effect Processor
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  • Little Box, Large Effects

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds amazing both with a direct input and as a send/return effects loop on a mixer or interface. I currently have been beefing up old school drum machines using it. Takes any input with ease - guitar, keyboards, drum machines, samplers, etc... I was going to purchase a rackmount eventide, but th…

  • Verified Purchase

    Amazing selection of algorithms, has added new dimensions to my synth! Wonder how long I will hold out before I add a companion Core . . .

  • Better than any plugin.

    If you are tired of the hollow sound of plugin effects, give this a try. stereo out this to your studio interface and you've got almost every effect you need, with way more gusto than software sounds. there's something that true analog transistors and amplifiers lend to the sound of a recording, even if the effects are digital.

  • Evantide H9 Max Processor

    Verified Purchase

    An amazing sounding unit. Worth every penny. Very easy to use. The Reverbs sound deep, epic and beautiful. The time based effects (phaser, flanger) sound really big and warm. It's just a lovely sounding processor and I'll be an evantide fan for life now.

  • Action packed pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Endless possibilities, this pedal is rad. I could use four more.