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The Wilshire lies between the simple Coronet and higher-end Crestwood in Epiphone's line-up of '60s double cutaway solidbody guitars. The Wilshire was introduced after Gibson bought Epiphone, and featured two P-90 pickups during its first few years of production. Major changes for the Wilshire during its run include a switch to mini-humbucker pickups in mid-1961, as well as a change in body and headstock shape in 1963. 

Years of Production: 1959 - 1970

Unique to this Year: Changes from 1963 on include 3-on-a-side headstock and asymmetrical body shape with longer upper horn. 

Design Elements: Two P-90 pickups, two volume and two tone controls, vibrato tailpiece (option starting in 1962)

Finish Specification: Pacific Blue was introduced in 1963. Fade over years renders modern examples more of a greenish hue than blue.

Notable Players: Bruce Springstein, Johnny Winter, Jeff Tweedy

Product Specs

  • Wilshire
  • Inverness Green
  • 1965