The Empress Reverb brings together one of the most deceptively simple names in pedal history with one of the most expansive collections of an effect available in one chassis. Starting off with 24 unique reverb algorithms with two algorithms per 12 modes ranging from staples like Room and Plate to Empress exclusive ones like Ghost and Beer, this model can store up to 35 user presets for easy recall via Select, Scroll, and Save knobs. Pushing the envelope even further, the Empress Reverb also comes with stereo ins and outs and a universal control port for one of the most enormous effects currently available.

Product Specs

  • Reverb
  • Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Canada

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Reviews for the Empress Reverb
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  • This is the leader in reverb, in my opinion.

    Verified Purchase

    It's an awesome reverb pedal. I did my research for weeks and chose the Empress Reverb over Strymon's Big Sky. I'm really happy with my decision. I play ambient/worship music, and I like how easy it is to dial in to great sounds. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting the best reverb out there.

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  • BUY IT. Don’t look back.

    Verified Purchase

    If you play ambient/worship you need this. You will get every Andy Othling/Elevation/Hillsong tone you dream of. If you play rock/Jazz/funk/fusion/country/bluegrass/classical/experimental/techno/blazin hip hop or R&B you also need this.

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  • I love it

    I have owned a Boss RV500 which was a very well sorted out piece of kit but it sounded very artificail to my ears so I looked around the web for more info on the contenders. I settled on the Empress because of reviews and demos but was very close to getting the Big Sky. Honestly what made me lean …

  • Smooth!

    Verified Purchase

    Unobtrusive when you need it. Deep verb when you want it. Perfect for my synth setup.

  • Pretty Sick

    Verified Purchase

    It's a great reverb, it's got tons of great reverb sounds from super soupy modulated verbs, to straight up room verbs. However for the price? I'd probably go Big Sky. Big Sky just is easier to use, easier to bank presets, and that cab filter tho.......... I do love how compact the empress is though. Perfect for tiny baby boards!

More Information

The Empress Reverb is an expansive big-box effect unit encompassing a wide swath of reverb, delay, and modulation effects.

Controls: decay, mix, output, low, hi, Thing 1, Thing 2

Modes: Hall, Plate, Spring, Room, Sparkle, Modulation, Ambient Swell, Delay + Reverb, Reverse, Ghost, Lo-Fi, Beer