The Electro-Harmonix Signal Pad is a handy tool for knocking down the volume of your signal at the kick of a foot. Need to quickly come down in volume for a quiet section of a song? Stomp on the Signal Pad. Do you have a pedal you want to use that doesn't love the hot output of the pedal before it? Simply insert the EHX Signal Pad in between the two and passively attenuate the volume going into the second pedal.

Product Specs

  • Signal Pad Passive Attenuator
  • Orange / Black / Gray
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Signal Pad Passive Attenuator Pedal
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    Verified Purchase

    Oh, that's on purpose! Great way to handle a volume boost, without boosting. Who'd've thunk to start quieter, then go to full volume? This must not have been developed by a lead guitarist! Seriously, though, clean, quiet, and does the job. Nice product.

  • Is just this one?

    Verified Purchase

    Plugged my acoustic guitar into this one and got a quite loud hum and then clicked it on and the hum was even louder....I was running it on a battery so no external power line hum.

  • Amazing

    Verified Purchase

    Love this pedal! I use it for my single channel tube amp in order to set a quiet clean tone and then when the pedal is off it just roars super heavy. Love this thing!

  • Boucle

    Verified Purchase

    J'ai acheté cette pédale pour atténuer la puissance de sortie de mon Blackstar HT5R qui fait trop de bruit à la maison selon l'avis de ma femme et de mes voisins ! Donc il est inséré dans la boucle d'effet, et fonctionne parfaitement bien ainsi. Comme c'est du passif, pas de coloration à signaler. C'est de la bonne grosse pédale , elle semble indestructible...

  • Exactly as adverised