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The Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing is a complex beast, to say the least. This single sideband modulator offers up some all sorts of modulation and pitch effects, from tuning your standard guitar down to baritone-range to sweet and subtle chorus and vibrato effects. Plug in your favorite expression pedal and for more on-the-fly control of this instant classic from EHX.

Product Specs

  • Ring Thing Single Sideband Modulator
  • Black / Red
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing Sideband Modulator
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  • i dont know how much time i got left on this planet so i'm going to get real weird with it

    Verified Purchase

    Frank Reynolds, in a pedal. Everything weird you've ever needed for anything. I LOVE THIS PEDAL. The auto-tuning, savable presets, and expression pedal input make this the absolute ultimate in ring modulators. excellent EHX quality in sound, and construction. just great. can't say enough positive things about it. If you do weird, this is a must.

  • Got it for guitar but really like it for synths

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal may be too extreme for some as a guitar effect but you can dial it back with the blend knob. On synths it's great... you can jump around between the 9 presets over a sequence and thicken up a monosynth.

  • A treasure trove of modulation and pitch effects.

    Verified Purchase

    Ring modulation is an unpopular effect for the very good reason that it tends to sound atonal and messy, not everyone is a fan of that type of sound. Understandable, but the EHX Ring Thing pulls it off so well that even non-fans really need to try this at least once. In the year that I've had this …

  • Not for everybody, but works for me

    Verified Purchase

    The Ring Thing is a Ring Modulator, pitch shifter, phaser, flanger, LFO and filter in a single pedal. I'm using it to instantly dial-up additional colors for my twin Mother 32s without having to re-patch the synths. It is what I call a "spice rack" pedal in that small, proper application goes a lo…

  • Not just a ring modulator

    Verified Purchase

    I love this pedal. I go through pedals like candy yet the Ring Thing is still on my synth guitar board. For a while I used it for pitch effects, tremolo and phaser but I now only use it for unique sounds. EHX pedals are great, not too large and require standard power with low MA draw. I have 11 EHX pedals, some stay some go....the ring thing stays