Cut through the mud with the Electro-Harmonix OD Glove, a MOSFET overdrive / distortion pedal with a wide range of gain and some handy tone-shaping abilities, and easily competes with other boost and drive pedals that are twice the price. Spin the tone dial to find the perfect high frequency cutoff, flip the Tone Shift switch to poke out mids and high-mids, and use the internal switch that takes the operating voltage from 9V to 18V for a saggy, compressed crunch or a tight, controlled drive.

Product Specs

  • OD Glove Overdrive
  • Purple / Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix OD Glove MOSFET Overdrive / Distortion
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  • A good all arounder!

    Verified Purchase

    Nice 60s style OD/Distortion....goes from clean boost to light overdrive to Blast-a- Mundy!....I really like MOSFET circuitry as it emulates overdriven tube amps the best.All the scuttle about pedals sounding like driven amps is really sales hype...This pedal comes close...It has a really natural s…

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  • Fantastic on 18v setting

    Verified Purchase

    Bought this because I was being a tone snob about having a joyo ocd clone. It sounded ok but in honesty I had some buyer's remorse...until I found out about the 18v switch inside. This changes the internal voltage of the pedal (but runs on the same power). More headroom, more character, less compres…

  • Verified Purchase

    Very good value for the money. On low settings gets nice overdrive, on medium good crunch, and on high nice MIAB. Works especially well as a clean boost.

  • Great seller, wonderful item

    Verified Purchase

    Works excellent! Thank you!

  • The Drive I Have Been Searching For.

    Verified Purchase

    I used to play an OCD a few years back. Had to return it to it's original owner and man did that get me upset. It's a fantastic overdrive/distortion pedal and stacked well with my ProCo Rat. Recently purchased The Glove after seeing demo's on YouTube and am SUPER glad I did. It's very similar to…