Electro-Harmonix MIG-50 2x12" 60-Watt Slanted Vertical Cabinet

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Product Specs

  • MIG-50 2x12" 60-Watt Slanted Vertical Cabinet
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix MIG-50 2x12" 60-Watt Slanted Vertical Cabinet
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  • Verified Purchase

    Excellent companion for the mig50 head. Sounds great, loud as HELL.

  • EH Cab is Good!

    Verified Purchase

    I purchased the new EH MIG-50 head, and wanted a petite cab to go with it and so bought the EH 2x12 slanted cab, and am very pleased with it. Firstly, the amplifier sounds great, very old-school Bassman/Marshall sound. Paired with my BSM Ambassador treble booster, it's a great sound. When I plug …

  • Awesome!

    Verified Purchase

    I got this for my Orange OR15. It's a wonderful cabinet! It's nice and light, and sounds great! It's a decent price, and it's a wonderful value!

  • Solid Ply Cabinet. Sounds great!!!

    Verified Purchase

    For the price, this is a great little cabinet. Made entirely of Poplar plywood which is lighter than birch with as far as I can tell, no noticeable difference in sound quality. Both birch and poplar, as well as others, are used in drum shells also. I can't add any photos of the modifications that I…

  • Good match for MIG 50's

    Verified Purchase

    I would guess most people will buy this cabinet because they have a MIG 50 amp as I do. Even if you don't though this is a well made cabinet and with a shallow depth is lightweight and is a lot easier to tote around for a gig than a full 4x12 half stack cabinet. For the money it will be hard to find a 2x12 cabinet that is better quality.