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Product Specs

  • Guitar Mono Synth
  • Gray / Yellow
  • 2019
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Guitar Mono Synth 2019
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  • Mono Synth Madness

    Awesome pedal! Very usable sounds. You have to adjust your attack & play to the pedal. The preset switch is a must. I also own the Synth 9. It's too bad they didn't make a preset button for that. Well worth the $$$

  • Mono Synth for sure

    Verified Purchase

    EHX created an interesting mono synth for guitar that considering it is plug and play, works pretty good. For the price and interesting sounds, I would say it is worth it. Tracking can be spotty for sure. You can't pick like normal so it does take some adjustment. If you try to shred than you are go…

  • 80s Galore!

    Verified Purchase

    I am loving this pedal and all the nostalgic sounds I can push out of this pedal. Unlike the Synth 9 (which I also love), which is able to perform chords, you will need to get used to playing single (mono) notes at a time for this guy. It's also great that a preset switch is available to save you…

  • Different, Noisy, and Nasty

    Verified Purchase

    I have not figured this thing out, yet. One thing, you have to let it rest after shipping, kind of like germanium powered pedals. That said, I would put this pedal first in the chain like a fuzz or an overdrive. Put delays etc after this and it starts to make sense. Yes, the tracking isn't perfect …

  • Mono synth

    Verified Purchase

    I sent it back and purchased a synth9.... best decision. Over all the mono synth is set up great!! Performance wise it’s terrible. Glitch/tracking problems galore!!! Absolutely unusable. The synth9, plugged into the same rig with same guitar?.... perfect!!! EHX needs to go back to the drawing board on the nono synth.