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Reviews for the EarthQuaker Devices Swiss Things
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  • Great device for pedal addicts

    Verified Purchase

    I have about 35 pedals in my guitar rig. The irony is that the solution to having this many pedals is to get another pedal. Putting that aside, this thing is awesome. It does exactly what I want, and a few things I didn't even imagine. Having two outs gives you all the fun of stereo amp sounds, …

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  • swiss thing

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal does exactly what it says it does, Which is good! However I am worried that the Swiss Thing will stand the test of time. Seems to me like some of the components were a little loose in their fittings. For instance: a. Output B phase switch wobbles within its space b. output jack was loose …

  • Mixed feelings

    Verified Purchase

    I mainly wanted this for a/b/y and flexi switching. Flexi switching is cool, but I get loud pops engaging the loops. Probably my fault/setup. Lots of options, but they require thinking, tinkering and rethinking. Takes up quite a bit of real estate with a tuner and exp/volume. Haven’t given up on it yet, but it’s not quite all I hoped so far.

  • Verified Purchase

    Cleaned up my board. Works like a charm.

  • Great organizer

    Verified Purchase

    Although I had already designed my board with buffers and boosts and signal losses in mind, the presence of this pedal on my board lead to it being organized in a far simpler and more intuitive manner. I love the built-in boost, tuner out, and volume pedal out features. A great pedal to build a mid-sized board around.

More Information

The Swiss Things is a multifunctional pedal featuring two independent, switchable effects loops that you can use to place multiple pedals into configurations of your choosing.

The other major component of the Swiss Things is its AB/Y box—complete with transformer isolation and phase correction—that allows players to send their signal to two different amplifiers. EarthQuaker's "flex" switch allows for latching or momentary bursts of pedals or amps and is enabled on the effects loops and the AB/Y box.

Adding to its versatility is an adjustable clean boost circuit and an independent tuner output so that players can keep their tuner plugged in and engaged at all times. And there's also an output for an expression pedal. With so many useful functions available, you can see how it got its name.