Though modeled off of Ibanez's classic Tube Screamer, the EQD Plumes is not merely a clone. Instead of using an IC op-amp in the circuit, EQD replaces it with what it calls a "low-noise JFET op-amp for a more robust and precise signal, with a significantly lower noise floor." So whether you crank it or use the pedal at more modest gain levels, you’ll keep extraneous noise to a minimum. A 3-way toggle lets you choose between clipping options for either a more compressed or more transparent sound. While the Tone knob lets you add bass or high-end without losing mids.

Product Specs

  • Plumes Small Signal Shredder Overdrive
  • Green
  • 2019
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the EarthQuaker Devices Plumes Small Signal Shredder Overdrive
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  • Another great EQD pedal!

    While there are plenty of other TS style pedals out there, this one has it's own personality. It's a bit brighter and dare I say transparent, while still retaining the classic mid/nasal sound. Most important, it's fun to play. It's a bold move of EQD to release a version of a classic, but it really …

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  • Not the typical screamer

    Verified Purchase

    I had the TS 808 did not bond with it, too much bass and treble roll off. Had it modded for less roll off, the fidelity was still low, got rid of it. Got the EQD Dunes, was not for me. Gave up on Tube Screamers. Bought this the first day it was announced, but the TS description was not in the…

  • Not For Me...

    Verified Purchase

    Okay so this obviously has high-quality audiophile level components as per usual from EQD. But, I really wouldn't compare this to any type of tubescreamer. It is quite shrill (trebly), cuts through mix probably too much (for me), and it doesn't use the TS chip 4558. It doesn't really have a compre…

  • Eqd Crushed it.

    Verified Purchase

    Wow this thing sounds amazing! I've never been a tube screamer fan, but decided to check this out because I know EarthQuaker makes incredible stuff... Kind of blown away by how versatile this is. Talk about cutting through a mix with clarity... It's a great pedal. Sounded great with every guitar I …