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Reviews for the Dunlop DVP3 Volume X
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  • Verified Purchase

    Amazing volume pedal! Perfect for what I need!

  • Great Functionality, Weak Build

    Verified Purchase

    After a couple weeks of use the screws became a little loose. It may have also affected the volume swells as it seems to rise in volume faster than before. Compared to the Ernie Ball pedal, it feels smoother (in terms of smooth rising in volume - no random jumps), but the ability to tighten the Ernie Ball makes it easier to set a specific desired loudness.

  • Articulate Volume Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Much more subtle than my Morley pedal. I can control the sweep of volume swells much better and it has a good tone. I recommend it!

  • Good volume pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Works well. Good quality. Sturdy.

  • Solid and smooth

    Just what you'd expect, sold smooth and bullet proof! Works great with my Kemper.