Through a collaboration with EarthQuaker Devices, the Dr. Z Z-Drive Overdrive brings the overdriven Dr. Z amplifier sound in a convenient pedal. Featuring two different switchable preamp channels (germanium and mofset), each using OPA 2134 op amps, the overall signal first goes through the 3-part EQ section before being affected by the Drive, Level, and Cut controls of the selected channel. This EQ-first signal path means that the sound can be overdriven further by turning the Treble, Middle, and Bass knobs clockwise. Switching between the channels allows for a range of tones between light and open overdrive or compressed high-gain distortion.

Product Specs

  • Z-Drive Overdrive
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Dr. Z Z-Drive Overdrive
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  • Very good deal

    Verified Purchase

    This drive pedal is top product 2 modes germanium and mosfet. !!! easy to use and delivery fast and secure , 5 ***** for this seller and dr Z ...i will be back !!Joe

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  • Great Overdrive from Dr. Z

    Verified Purchase

    The Dr. Z Overdrive is a transparent overdrive meaning it doesn't color you sound at all unless you use the EQ settings. The Germanium side is a warm overdrive and the Mosfet side is the harder edge compressed drive sound. You can use both drives together or independently. Its very well built and I highly recommend the Dr. Z Overdrive.

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  • Dr. Z’s Z Drive; the name says it all!

    Verified Purchase

    This is the most bad ass overdrive pedal I’ve ever owned. It’s also the first overdrive pedal I’ve ever owned, but don’t hold that against it becuse it is awesome. It seriously like having 2 different overdrive pedals in one. It has a crunchy sounding Germanium side and a dirty sick sounding MOSFE…

  • Dr. Z Drive works great!

    Verified Purchase

    I'm using the Z Drive in front of a Route 66. The R66 is an outstanding amp but it doesn't have a tone stack or master volume. Using the Z Drive gives me the ability to have a three-channel amp. with the pedal off the thick, creamy R66 sound comes through; kicking in either the Germanium side or the…

  • Verified Purchase

    As named, this is an overdrive pedal and not a distortion pedal. This drive works great with my Dr. Z mini. The eq on the drive provides tome adjustments that the amp lacks. I like the pedal and tone