The DOD Overdrive Plus FX50B may be derived from the well-loved 250 Overdrive Preamp and the original FX50 Overdrive Preamp, but the FX50B has a power all its own, taking you into higher gain territory than ever before. This preamplifier distorts your input signal and sustains your notes for a heavily overdriven sound and more upper range distortion. Though it went out of production in 1998, the DOD Overdrive Plus FX50B is a great, inexpensive pedal to add to your tonal library.

Product Specs

  • Overdrive Plus FX50B
  • Yellow
  • 1990s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the DOD Overdrive Plus FX50B
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  • Another underrated gem

    Verified Purchase

    Smooth and great with a semi-hollow body. Love this pedal.

  • 9v Jack

    Verified Purchase

    The standard 9v Jack is a great add.

  • Mid 90s DOD Overdrive Plus

    Verified Purchase

    Used to use this as my main distortion pedal. Good fuzz/distortion when cranked up to boost. Graduated to a Russian big muff for main distortion. My original was stolen a while back. Felt I needed a warm overdrive on my board so I went back to this. Dialed the gain back and am very pleased with the tone. Very versatile and great tone. Highly recommended.