DOD DOD Boneshaker Signature Designer Distortion
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Built on a modified distortion circuit built for low-end power, the DOD Boneshaker brings a three-band parametric EQ with precise controls for mids attenuation and depth/level controls for a focused, visceral presence. Built in tandem with the effects wizards at Black Arts Toneworks, the Boneshaker pairs years of DOD's pedal-building knowledge with a boutique edge and experimental nature for an expansive distortion.

Product Specs

  • Boneshaker Signature Designer Distortion
  • Black/Graphic
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the DOD Boneshaker Distortion
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  • it sucks

    Verified Purchase

    dead sounding -

  • B3k or boneshaker?

    Verified Purchase

    BONESHAKER! I love this pedal with my bass, returning the Darkglass, nothing wrong with it just not the sound I want. This boneshaker is thick and meaty. Great!

  • Bad to the Bone (Open G) Ha!

    Verified Purchase

    Can chugg like a locomotive. More range than an albatross. If you need a crotch rocket like and old timey bicycle with solid tires and a jet engine that has a nice input impedance level that works with other pedals too, this is a great candidate. I've used an SD1 a BD2 an MXR78 with it. My only oth…

  • Not just for extended range guitars or bass...

    Verified Purchase

    I purchased the Boneshaker primarily because I'd just obtained a Bass VI and tuned it A to A. So far I really like the Boneshaker on bari, as the EQ is really well-suited to that lower range, as advertised. However, it plays nice with my Jazzmaster, too. It definitely jumps quickly from thick boost …

  • Verified Purchase

    Pedal has a great eq and it's worth having on your board just for that, the distortion leaves some to be desired but who cares, honestly you can get whatever sounds you want. I use this on a cheap bass to push the pickups and amp and get a good tone and clarity that I couldnt get otherwise