DiMarzio DP212BK EJ Custom Bridge Humbucker

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Reviews for the DiMarzio DP212BK EJ Custom Bridge Humbucker
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  • A brighter, crisper humbucker

    Verified Purchase

    I bought a Jackson X Series Kelly KEXT guitar made in Indonesia. While the rest of the guitar was fine, the pickups were muddy and unbalanced. I replaced the trashy stock pickups with a set of DiMarzio Eric Johnson Custom (DP212 & DP211). These pickups really do have their own tone. They are sn…

  • DiMarzio EJ Custom set (or Humbuckers for guys who like single coil tones)

    Verified Purchase

    First of all let me say: these DO NOT sound like specific single coil pickups. Don't buy these looking to replicate the sound of your '67 Jazzmaster in your SG. It ain't gonna happen. Seriously. What I do want to talk about is the dynamic range of these pickups and the possibility of sounds. I have…

  • Clear and Sparkly!

    Verified Purchase

    This is a very open and clear pickup with excellent note definition. It sounds great clean and also very rich and organic under loads of distortion. Never muddy or mushy. It almost has a P90 type sound but not as "woody". This pickup is bright compared to say the Norton or Air Zone. It is closer to …