The DigiTech VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony compiles everything a frontman (or frontwoman) could need on a stage with features like a 70 second vocal phrase looper with unlimited overdubs, a Gold Channel global strip with necessities like compression and deEsser, and an array of onboard effects like reverb and delay. Two of the big draws here are DigiTech's Live Adapt technology which automatically detects pitch and tempo for immediate correction onstage and an advanced feedback suppression which keeps your vocals clear the set throughout.

Product Specs

  • VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony
  • Red
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the DigiTech VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony
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  • LOVE IT!

    Verified Purchase

    Great harmonies, powerful effects, really sleek dual mode switch for inserting harmonies for either short passages or entire sections. Simple but useful basic guitar effects. I like it better than the TC Helicon units.

  • Easy to Use

    Verified Purchase

    Easy to use, great control and effects, I need all the help I can get without sounding like a robot. Nice unit.

  • Great Vocal Effect Unit

    Verified Purchase

    I have several TC Helicon units including VoiceLive Rack and Perform V. I wanted to try the Digitech to hear their particular harmony algorithm. Digitech has been making Harmonizers for a long time, so I was confident in the quality. The harmony voices sound just as good as a TC, but subtly differe…

  • Excellent pro retailer

    Verified Purchase

    Fast efficient and secure, thanx mates

  • Great box

    What can I say... This box has & does it all! Top reverb... Great harmonies and perfect tracking...