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Reviews for the DigiTech Polara Reverberator
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  • Verified Purchase

    Plenty of really cool sounds, but I wish the halo setting had a bit more shimmer to it. Still a great pedal for the money though, this can easily be your only reverb pedal.

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  • The most consistently useable guitar 'verb.

    For real, though: there's not a bad sound in this pedal. While it can feel more subtle than some boutique reverbs, if there are other instruments in the mix, that's actually what you want. Crank the mix all the way up: your sound is still usable. Halo is the most consistently usable shimmer effect …

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  • Luscious and huge

    Verified Purchase

    For me the choice of first reverb pedal was between this and the hall of fame...3 years later I'm still happy with this choice. The only other reverb I've heard that I like better than this pedal is rack mount springs in an amp, and this can come close to those even. "halo" setting is honestly grea…

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  • Pleasantly surprised!

    Verified Purchase

    Having only owned one Reverb pedal, the Strymon Flint. I was hesitant to stray to another brand and in what seemed like a step-down. The Polara however had great reviews in all of the areas I checked online. I was not disappointed! Pros : Beautiful reverb in any mode but in particular the Hall &…

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  • Verified Purchase

    These algorithms are so lush. This pedal can hang with the Eventide and Stryman with quality of sound but much simpler to use. Just turn the knobs, no editing required. It is everything I hoped for. Love the plate, mod and hall settings for all around use and the halo is beautiful for ambience sounds. AND the price is great as well..

More Information

When a lot of us think of DigiTech, the first things that come to mind are silver and blue multieffects or maybe a bright red Whammy pedal. What you don't think of are decidedly boutique styles and sound. But that's the idea with the Polara Reverberator: a reverb pedal strongly influenced by the concept of space, time and space/time. The Polara represents the opening of a new chapter in DigiTech's pedal history, going beyond the over-the-top DOD pedals of the '90s and the more recent Hardwire series.

Seven Diverse Reverb Sounds

The Polara taps into the famous legacy of the Lexicon reverb library and adds a few of its own tricks. You get the standard fare of Plate, Spring, Hall and Room, along with the eerie Modulated and Reverse settings. The Hall effect is spacious and lively, while the Spring and Plate expertly tap into the classic sounds of the '60s studio scene. In terms of control, you get Decay, which controls the length of the reverb's trails, as well as Liveliness, which opens the faucet of high frequency response in the the reverbs.

Baby I Can See Your Halo

Where this pedal really makes it mark is with the Halo setting, which is something of an "I can taste color" experience. This is the mode for those interested in making noise and lots of it. By adding sparse octave content to the trail of the effect, the Halo setting glides through the cosmos, navigating all the astroid belts and solar flares of your playing and rig.

It's safe to say that the guys at DigiTech were channeling their '80s British Goth with this one. As Tom Cram from DigiTech explains: "I‘m a huge Robin Guthrie fan, and to me the Halo mode with the Decay wide-open and the Liveliness on around 3:00 is pure Robin Guthrie. I could lie around in a bean-bag chair and play that setting for hours. "

And it's true. With the controls past noon and the pedal set to Halo, the Polara rips open a wormhole straight to the shoegaze nebula. Speaking of shoegaze, there is also a Reverse reverb mode just as there was on the Hardwire RV-7 Reverb. While somewhat limited in application by itself, the reverse reverb sounds great in tandem with other effects and even other reverbs for some unique back and forth motion in the undulating soundscapes. For further effect chain experimenation, the Polara includes stereo in-and-outs and a Tails switch that toggles whether the 'verb sounds will continue after the pedal is bypassed.

Pedalboard Friendly

Apart from its obvious visual panache, the Polara also comes in a much smaller enclosure than previous Digi pedals and fits comfortably into the ever-expanding pedalboards of today's players. And what Polara review would be complete without the included StompLock™: a small rubber device that fits over the control knobs to keep your settings in place? Beyond its primary function, the StompLock doubles a spooky puppet kind of thing you can use to entertain your friends.


The Digitech Polara Reverberator is an affordable and versatile pedal that will cover your reverb needs in a similar vein to the TC Hall Of Fame and the Boss RV-5. Where it makes its mark is with the expansiveness of the Halo setting and the inclusion of a Reverse mode.

Features at a Glance:

  • Seven classic and new reverbs from Lexicon
  • New Halo reverb for wide open space-scapes
  • Reverb Tails on/off switch
  • Stereo ins and outs
  • True bypass
  • Included StompLock™ and hook/loop pedalboard pad
  • Vacuum style, soft-click footswitch