Featuring 87 separate effects, 54 amp models and 26 cabinets all programmable from the interface of an iPad, the Digitech iPB-10 is the pedalboard of the 21st Century. This board allows for up to ten effects to be assigned on the ten hard-jack footswitches which can be altered on the fly, perfect for a streamlined rig and the easiest setup of your life.

Product Specs

  • iPB-10
  • Black
  • 2012
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Digitech iPB-10 Programmable iPad Multi-Effects Pedalboard
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  • Pedalboard for the new millennium.

    Verified Purchase

    Everything you need at your hands and/or feet. Amps and pedals are really close to the real deals. Too many here to not find what would suit anyone's genre of performance. This product should be elaborated upon. Continue doing what you do Digitech.

  • like Butter

    I'm a ultility musician for a touring country artist out of Nashville,Tn. The IPB-10 is my road rig. I've for a fiddle,mandolin,guitar and banjo rig within the ipb10. Each set up in a patch. Then going out of the unit in stereo to FOH and out to a Fender Biues JR. It's a great unit and never have ha…