Death by Audio's Fuzz War is not for the faint of heart. You can control the tone with ease, bringing your fuzz up to a scream or down to the grimiest lows. With grungy, nasty fuzz and extreme gain, the Fuzz War creates a massive wall of sound capable of blowing any player away.

Product Specs

  • Fuzz War
  • Metal
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Death By Audio Fuzz War
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  • One. Two. Three. Four. I declare a Fuzz War.

    Verified Purchase

    I love this pedal. It covers the ground that a Big Muff covers, but better. Better because, dialed down, this pedal can get int to the over-drive realm of fuzz. Dialed up, you get that amazing (but different) creamy, sustain, and anger we all love so much. Go past 12:00 on the fuzz dial, and this thing gets purely diabolical.

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  • I was a skeptic...not anymore.

    Verified Purchase

    I will admit that I was quite resistant to the Fuzz War. Not sure why but I thought it was all hype. I was able to find a v1 2 knob model and WOW was I wrong! What first struck me was how low the noise floor is. In a fuzz with this much gain, this impresses me. The clarity, articulation, and overal…

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  • Great Fuzz

    Verified Purchase

    The only problem I have with this pedal: If you want to get those nice harsh fuzz sounds, you need to crank the volume knob on the pedal. I live in an environment where I cannot play super loud, so I can only use this pedal to it's full potential at certain times. However, the tones you are able to get out of this when it is cranked are fantastic.

  • Insane fuzz, super controlled

    Verified Purchase

    I love this fuzz pedal. Use with a bass, everything from apocalyptic Doom to slightly dirty overdrive to all out bong water laden stoner haze... tuff. Not an anything clone.

  • Verified Purchase

    Massive sound,sound that creates a maze of hell.