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If you're looking for dreamy, blissed out delay, look no further than the Death By Audio Echo Dream Delay pedal. Both versions offer a spacey chorus, an included fuzz, glitched out beeps, arpeggiations, and a whole host of bizarre but awesome effects. The Echo Dream Delay comes with tons of knobs, modulations, and possibilities to make strange, inspiring sounds that will take your music to new heights.

Product Specs

  • Echo Dream Delay
  • Black
  • 2012
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard
Reviews for the Death By Audio Echo Dream Delay
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  • Verified Purchase

    This Death By Audio so don't expect a no frills delay. This is a wild ass pedal. I use it more to run synths and no input mixers through more than I do guitar. It's great for psychedlic sounds, dubbed out percussion or violent sounding noise. The only limit is your imagination.

  • Verified Purchase

    It's a very crazy, experimental, noisy pedal. The ECHO sound is similar to Memoryman or something of that style. The fuzz sound is great. It has many possibilities, it is great for recording studio

  • Amazing, crazy, beautiful pedal

    Verified Purchase

    It gives a nice thick fuzz or even a overdrive sound when lowered. The delay/echo is awesome. Can get real spooky sounding. The best part of the pedal to my surprise is the modulator side of things. It just gives this pedal an "x factor." You can drone out on this bad boy! As a Shoegaze fan/guitar…

  • DBA Echo Dream 2

    Verified Purchase

    pedal of crazy, pure sound, only happiness ... I love it!

  • Verified Purchase

    very cool delay, really versatile and weird pedal in all