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Reviews for the Crate CPB150 PowerBlock Amplifier
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  • Awesome!

    Verified Purchase

    I remember having a Crate Amp, back in the day, and it sounded awful. Not so, with this head. It sounds fantastic! Push the gain a little farther over, and you can hear it hit another gear. I have it running into 2 cabinets. One with a Eminence Red White and Blues, and one with a new Eminence Tonk…

  • Verified Purchase

    excellent. Used as a test amp in my guitar repair shop.

  • Great little amp, if using rear inputs read this

    Verified Purchase

    FYI when you use the two rear inputs, it over rides the front input and all the adjustment knobs. So you have to control the volume and tone from the source feeding the rear inputs. I just got a $35 Saturnworks Stereo Volume Pedal and good to go, but it caught me by surprise so passing the info alon…

  • Crate CPB 150

    Bought it for a back up amp, used it twice, did the job. Loud enough to gig with, heavy duty construction, great case. Piece of mind when your gigging knowing you have one of these ready to go should your amp go up in smoke.

  • The LARGE Crate CPB150 PowerBlock Amplifier

    Verified Purchase

    I had wanted one of these for a long time. I kinda blew it when there was one for sale about 60miles away that was listed on Craig's List. I could have grabbed it for about $75 and the seller said it was in excellent condition. So I have been watching on REVERB and finally pruchased one in great con…