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Reviews for the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
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  • Verified Purchase

    This pedal has been around since 1981. Now almost 40 years in existence and Practicly unchanged. There is a reason!!! Test Drive one, You'll hear why.

  • Killer TS-9-like Sound

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal sounds like the brother of the Ibanez TS-9. Not quite as dark, but the same basic personality. More gain, too. It's a great pedal to drive and color your guitar sound. Highly recommended.

  • Verified Purchase

    nice overdrive.

  • Verified Purchase

    It's simple to use, sounds good for what I am using it for.

  • Verified Purchase

    The boss works well with my strat I still like my Golden Plexi from Tone city better.