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The Boss ML-2 Metal Core aims to codify the tones used in Nu Metal, Grindcore, Djent and Industrial recordings. It offers extremely high levels of gain and distortion with heavy lows.

Product Specs

  • ML-2 Metal Core
  • Black Metallic
  • 2006 - 2019
Made In
  • Taiwan

From the Price Guide

Reviews for the Boss ML-2 Metal Core Distortion Pedal
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  • In Chappers top 5 metal pedals

    Verified Purchase

    When I heard it was in Chappers top 5 out of 40 odd metal pedals I was intrigued and the price is reasonable. It sounds thicker, beefier and richer than my Emma Electronic handmade in Denmark Reeza which I in no way expected! My Reezafratzitz always killed every distortion I put up against it... until now.

  • Good heavy sounds for the $$$

    Verified Purchase

    Does a good job of creating heavy distortion, as advertised, but I really like the slappy string tone it makes when the "distortion" knob is almost at '"min". I got mine used on RV for $50 but I would not pay the $100 for new.

  • Fits the description!

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this because it was cheap and I really wasn’t expecting much, but boy was I wrong. I definitely like it better than the old Metal Zone I had. That was always too fizzy for me, and sounded ‘fake’ to my ears. This however, really hits the mark for heavy metallic hardcore type stuff. No, i…

  • Verified Purchase

    Good metal pedal but you can fine tune a Boss MT Metal Zone a lot better.

  • I like how it sounds and it hits it's target. You'll either love or hate it.

    Verified Purchase

    I've A/B this one against the Metal Zone and it definitely is better. I have no pedal that sounds like it. It take good metal technique and skill to get it dialed it, but I kept it. I like it and it brings something new to the table that I can't get with some other pedals.