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Reviews for the Boss LM-2B Bass Limiter
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  • Great and simple

    Verified Purchase

    I needed a cheap but serviceable limiter and chose this one without listening. I figured, it's a Boss, what can go wrong? It really smooths out my sound and adds a real aggressive feel to the whole thing. I love it. It's always on now at the end of my chain.

  • Much better than the current LMB-3!

    Verified Purchase

    Excellent gear, much better than the current LMB-3!!! GRACIAS! ;) Greetings, Weiss Bass >>>

  • Don’t play without it

    Verified Purchase

    It may a discontinued pedal, replaced by a different one with an extra knob, but this thing is irreplaceable to me. It’s always on, period. Finger style, slap, taps, even pick playing is accentuated by this little ugly box. I wound up getting two more in case it ever does, which isn’t likely knowing…

  • Exactly what I needed

    This has become my always on pedal, placed at the end of my chain just before my looper. The enhance knob adds mids, level is volume and threshold is where your output is capped. There is a slight bit of hiss but I am also using a very hot active bass. With the enhance knob turned about a quarter …

  • Really handy bass tool

    Verified Purchase

    After sitting with this and the LM3B, I chose this for I prefer it sonically. With the enhance knob set around 1 or 2, it’s fairly flat sounding. I run a high threshold (around 6-7) so this can do exactly what it’s designed to do: limit the peaks. These brown BOSS bass pedals are pretty cool looking, too.