Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker and Distortion 1985 - 1989 Made In Japan

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Reviews for the Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker and Distortion 1985 - 1989 Made In Japan
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  • Conman... Time waster...

    Verified Purchase

    Never sent the pedal but took the payment. Had to get refund through Reverb. Stay away from this conman.

  • Verified Purchase

    It is an amazing pedal, sounds as one would expect a DS-1 to sound. Pairs very well with super overdrive for a metallic sound. The feedback is fun to screw around with and try with different styles, be it harmonic dissonance or a squeal. The vibrato was something that caught me off guard, but it add…

  • boss df2

    the crunch is much with this pedal. not real versatile but sounds good. if you want an overdrive this isnt the pedal for you cause thats all this one can hold down on each note you want it to "feedback". not really feedback but close.

  • Nirvana is a Tin

    Verified Purchase

    If you're looking for Nirvana-like tones and sounds than this is the pedal! Great to use on songs like Radio Friendly Unit Shifter or the Breed solo. Pairs well with a JB in the bridge also. Only complaint is that sometimes you don't hit the pedal correctly when using the feedback and it makes an odd deep clicking noise.

  • Well born distorsion!

    " have the Japanese version, it is marked behind, and noted well in the order: " great distosion and feedbacker ". Bought more or less in 1988 when on amplis with transistor there was too much no distorss incorporated, now it is different. The feedbacker was one more with regard to(compared with) t…