The discontinued Boss DD-5 was the go-to digital delay for thousands of players from 1995-2003 and still gets the job done for players looking for a tried and true, multi-mode stereo digital delay. The Boss DD-5 delay pedal features 11 delay modes, infinite fine-tuning adjustability, and a sound quality more often associated with expensive rack-mount units. Compare a large selection of used DD-5 pedals right here on Reverb.

Product Specs

  • DD-5 Digital Delay (Pink or Dark Gray Label)
  • White
  • 1995 - 2003
Made In
  • Taiwan

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Reviews for the Boss DD-5 Digital Delay
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  • Verified Purchase

    Everything as Described


    Verified Purchase

    So far i've found the DD-5 has a great sound, lots of setting options, it's easy to use, FUN, and as with all Boss pedals it feels like it'll be a great gigging pedal. I can only imagine how many other cool sounds i can get out of it over time. RECOMMENDED.

  • This thing is great! One of a kind!

    Verified Purchase

    This ain't a normal DD-5! It's got a tap tempo button on top of it! This gets rid of having room for a battery, but who cares, it saves me a whole spot for a tap tempo button, making this one of the smallest footprint tap tempo delay pedals out there. Works great, sounds great!

  • Love It.

    Verified Purchase

    Great delay, pairs well with my DD-3.

  • Solid Delay

    I picked this up because I wanted something a little more unique than a DD7, but with a tap temp, unlike a DD3. I really like how this delay sounds. It's a solid, digital delay. I haven't used the stereo out on it, but I like the mono sound a lot.