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Reviews for the Boss BD-2W Blues Driver Waza Craft
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  • Great Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Has a nice overdrive blues tone. Low noise compared to the older CS-2 version.

  • It's OK

    Verified Purchase

    It's not the worst drive I've ever had but it is fizzy IMO, especially with the drive over 50%.

  • Great device, really happy with it!

    Verified Purchase

    Like having 2 drives in one. The difference from the custom switch is subtle but sweet. Love the sound I get with this.

  • awesome!! these waza pedals are amazing. no tone loss, and great sounding effect. everybit as good as any of the mods...

  • Sometimes the Old Tricks are the Best Tricks...

    Verified Purchase

    I have tried soooo many drive pedals and have found a few that I love and a bunch that are really easy to pass on. I always knew BOSS was a good pedal Co. but always passed over the Blues Driver because I figured that everyone else has improved upon it. NOPE! It is still one of the best, no, it is T…