Blackstar HT-5RH 5-Watt Guitar Amp Head with Reverb

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The Blackstar HT-5RH is a 5-watt amp head with tons of tonal possibilities and a luscious reverb. Two footswitchable channels and Blackstar's patented Infinite Shape Function run the sonic gamut, going from powerful cleans to classic British-style crunch to modern American drive. The HT-5RH's unique push-pull output stage produces breakup similar to a 100-watt head, but at much more manageable volume. If you find yourself wanting to play late at night, or want to get a great sound straight into your recording interface, leverage the speaker-emulated output for a killer direct tone that won't have you wishing you'd used a cabinet instead.

Product Specs

  • HT-5R Series HT-5RH 5W Guitar Head with Reverb
  • Black
  • 2010s

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