API 527 500 Series Discrete Compressor / Limiter Module

Brand New
$1,040.25 + Free Shipping
Fulfilled by Guildwater Gear
and shipped from Athens, GA, United States
The API 527 is a must-have 500 Series compressor, borrowing architecture from the famed 225 console limiter and 2500 stereo bus compressor. This discrete VCA comp turns out a sound that's instantly recognizable, packed with API's signature punch and mojo. Everything you'd want to control on a compressor is right there at your fingertips, with standard parameters like timing and ratio being augmented by switchable feed-foward/feedback modes, selectable knee, and API's patented "THRUST" circuit that gets the bottom end hitting you in the chest. Strap the 527 over a lead vocal while recording to control peaks and bring up low-level detail, even out a fluctuating bass guitar track, or link two of them together and send your whole mix to the glue factory.

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