The original 500 Series mic pre is still around, still taking names, and still being put to use on records all over the world. Extremely true to the original Saul Walker design, the API 512c gives you the electrifying tone of API console preamps in the portable 500 Series format to give your microphones and instruments the clarity and punch that they deserve.

Product Specs

  • 512c 500 Series Mic Preamp Module
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the API 512c 500 Series Mic Preamp Module
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  • API 512 kicks A$$

    Verified Purchase

    My go to preamp for kick and snare, guitar and bass DI, and guitar cab. You can't go wrong with a few of these.

  • Studio Standard

    Verified Purchase

    great mic pre it's that simple

  • Packs a Punch!

    Verified Purchase

    My second time purchasing one. Bought one in 09 that I had to part with in 2012. Just bought it again (2019), to go next to my Great River. It says something about this pre, that being without it for years, I was missing something. This pre just oozes a candy color transient fast attack flavor. It's…

  • Brash

    Verified Purchase

    Okay, now I get it. This is a super out-front preamp that sounds like rock. Yet, it actually sounds really good on acoustic guitar. Course I like my acoustic guitar to sound rockabilly but the point here is that this box has kind of an insistent character. I love it. The DB pad on this 512c is not a nice-to-have...you need it!

  • One of my favorite mic preamps

    I had 4 of these bad boys in a lunchbox before it was cool to have. I used to use them on everything until I moved to 1073 style preamps. Now these are my go to preamps on anything with high transients (toms, bass DI, a 57 on a loud guitar cab). The attack and response on them is great- headroom is …