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A true multi-mode modulation pedal, the Waveland packs Tremolo, Chorus and Phaser capability into its small footprint. The pedal's unique Ramping feature allows the user to set unique tempos for each preset by tapping, which the pedal will then gradually morph between.

Years of production: 2016-present

Features: Tremolo, Chorus, and Phaser modes, Modulation Rate and Tempo Ramping

Controls: Rate, depth, tweak, and mix knobs, Mode toggle

*Note: the Waveland is a Pro Guitar Shop exclusive release

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Product Specs

  • Waveland Modulation Pedal
  • Blue Graphic
  • 2010s

More Information

With three switchable modes that include tremolo, chorus, and phaser, as well as a rate/ramp switch that lets the user choose between two rate presets, the Waveland can quite ably handle the majority of one's modulation duties, or greatly expand one's modulation possibilities while taking up only a minimal amount of pedalboard real estate.

Its "tweak" knob further expands its already impressive feature set, altering the function of the pedal differently depending on the mode, allowing for a huge range of trem sounds, up to eight voices of lush chorus, and some impossibly chewy phaser-vibrato sounds.