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Reviews for the A/DA MP-1 Channel Preamp Pedal
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  • Great tone with many applications.

    Placing this in front of a clean sounding tube amp sounds amazing. That 80’s big hair high gain is there for sure, but so are some great mid to low gain sounds. It definitely sounds different depending on how you have your amp set. It doesn’t like bright switches on amps that have one. If your a…

  • Has a broad range of tones

    The two OD knobs color the tone differently so you can blend them as you like. You can dial the "clean" voicing from clean to classic rock distortion and the "distortion" channel from aggressive rock to full tilt metal. It pretty much covers all the bases. The tone knobs have a lot of range compared to other pedals I've tried. Overall, a versatile pedal

  • Rich harmonics, tight bottom end

    Verified Purchase

    I used an ADA mp2 all thru the 90s and loved it. When it finally quit on me , I was forced to explore other options since they no longer were made. I can't afford to spend thousands on a guitar rig so I have always tried to get the best possible sound out of less expensive tube amps since I love the…