Video: Waldorf Introduces STVC String Synth and Vocoder At NAMM 2018

Waldorf has released the STVC, a string synthesizer and Vocoder.

The string synth is modeled after the string machines of the 1970s with an octave-divider-based oscillator bank and the inclusion of an EQ and ensemble effect. When the Vocoder is engaged, the synth can replicate speech and sung vocals.

The STVC also features a gooseneck microphone, allowing you to use external sounds as the Vocoder's source in addition to the classic sounds available in the synth itself. The Freeze function allows you to capture a short speech fragment and repeat it across pitches, while three onboard effects, including a modulation effect called Animate, a Phaser, and Reverb can add extra character to your orchestral synthesis.

They will be available soon for $899.99 USD. For more news and all the latest gear announcements from the NAMM show, be sure to click below.

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