Video: Mary Spender Built a Wild, Space-Themed Pedalboard

Ever wonder what space sounds like? You could certainly spend years training to be an astronaut and find out, but our pal Mary Spender found a shortcut. She’s exploring the far reaches of the galaxy via a pedalboard full of space-themed effects.

Mary Spender's spacey pedalboard video.

In a recent Chewsday Talks video on her popular YouTube channel, Mary takes some out-of-this-world gear for a test flight. Then, using the discoveries she made while playing around with the Boss Space Echo, Dr. Scientist BitQuest, and Rainger FX Air Space Invader 2, she tops it all off with a new trippy tune.

In spite of this video’s space motif, we’ve hardly reached the final frontier. Mary will be working with Reverb to release more inspired effects content in the coming months.

The rules? We're giving Mary free rein to create a number of themed pedalboards—ordering whatever pedals she wants off of Reverb. While she chose the space theme for her first video, she's asking her viewers to suggest the themes for the next boards.

So what themed pedalboard should she build next? Let us know in the comments.

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