Get warm always-on slap back echo and an organic overdriven bump delivered to your doorstep in one pedal with the JHS Milkman. Designed in collaboration between Josh Scott of JHS and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound, this dual function effect sports a hybrid circuit which captures the best of Bucket Brigade Delay analog tone and tape echo for spanky vintage slap with delays up to 240ms. For added gusto, the Milkman also brings a single knob boost function into the fold that can be used to either fatten up your natural tone or be kicked in for a tube-like overdrive.

Product Specs

  • The Milkman Echo Slap/Delay/Boost
  • White
  • 2017 - 2018

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Reviews for the JHS The Milkman Echo Slap/Delay/Boost
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  • Slap happy pedal,

    Verified Purchase

    JHS has become my favorite pedal company in just a short amount of time. This pedal not only has some awesome slap back (240ms worth) but the Boost function just adds to the tasty tones you can knock down while playing this pedal. Spend the cash it's worth it.

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  • Works for me.

    Verified Purchase

    I am not a big pedal user. I have a Flint for verb/trem, a lovepedal rotary an overdrive, and now the milkman. I've had several delays in the past but really only used them for slapback. So, the Milkman is better for me, slapback with more control of the part I like. I'm also quite happy with t…

  • JHS milkman

    Verified Purchase

    plays beautifully, I currently play through a fender bassman ten combo, it stacks well with my Ross brown distortion. The clean boost edges my amp and gives me a nice compressed tone. The slapback is classic, and helps my country and rockabilly tone fatten up. If I only played pre 80s overdriven cou…

  • Simple & Effective

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal is based on a hyper focused set of task and it does both well. I have used it for both guitar and synths. This pedal's boost imparts a unique mid heavy drive while the slap delay adds a distinct space that can pull a sound to the front of a mix with little effort.

  • Great Pedal!!!

    Verified Purchase

    I absolutely love the sound of the boost on this pedal and use it as an always-on enhancer and overdrive for my Marshall DSL40C. The slap delay also holds a special part in my rockiblilly-loving heart. All-in-all, would reccommend for anyone, not just surf or rockabilly players. Plus a JHS pedals sticker and picks are a nice touch. Works like a dream on bass, too.