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A culmination of functions including a delay with time from 5ms to a full second, bit crusher with sample rate reducer, high and low pass filters, and an octave pitch shifter/harmonizer, the Dr. Scientist BitQuest is one of the most interesting multi-headed beasts in the boutique world. Built with a whopping eight total modes which can be modulated and adjusted through six separate knobs and fuzzy or clean modes operable via switch, you may have to set aside some vacation time to even scratch the surface of everything this pedal can do.

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Product Specs

  • BitQuest
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Canada

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More Information

Much more than a simple delay, the BitQuest from Canada's Dr. Scientist is really a compact multi-effect pedal, but one of its best features is its ability to produce genuinely unique, and genuinely filthy, delay tones. It features eight different effects, including flange, a couple of filters, reverb, pitch shifting, ring modulator, bit crushing, and delay. Each effect has a clean and dirty version, selectable via its Dirty/Clean toggle switch. This pedal's distortion potential is beastly, and when a dirty delay sound is selected, the distortion comes after the repeats. This can result in some high-gain, fuzzed-out echo the likes of which I have not heard in any other pedal. Even on the clean setting, the BitQuest can wreak havoc on repeats, with delay tones than range from pleasantly lush to glitchy, stuttering, and completely warped. Rarely has such a compact pedal yielded such incredible potential for the adventurous, dirty delay-obsessed guitarist.