Bass Japan Direct

Bringing you the finest in Japanese hand made custom, new, used and vintage basses, direct from the source to your door.

Bass Japan Direct is a small family run operation run by a pro bassist for bassists of any ilk worldwide, to access the wealth of wonderful basses available here in Japan.
Offering custom builds from dragonfly, STR, Momose, Bacchus, and AtelierZ, and now Moon! Bass Japan Direct although a small operation, already has hundreds of happy customers around the globe. We also offer special shipping options if you need them, such as neck-off shipping to reduce costs and so-on.
We like to keep things small in order to make communication smooth between ourselves, our customers and the builders we work with.
Feel free to inquire any time!

Are only on offer direct, please email us at to find out more! We can only offer BUY NOW sales on Reverb at present due to limitations. Thank you for your understanding.


Hello and thank you for visiting my little treasure trove of MIJ goodies! Let me tell you a bit about myself and how this started..
My name is Danny Stewart, I am a British bassist who moved to Tokyo 14 years ago, having worked in London as a pro bassist doing session work and some touring stints.
Bass Japan Direct was started having spent years living in Tokyo and trying out, collecting, documenting and reviewing various MIJ basses on Youtube. My channel grew and I found I kept getting requests to find this bass or that bass, and often succeeded! I decided then that working with some of my favorite brands here in Japan would be a great way to expand my channel and introduce these brands fantastic builds to subscribers, students and any enthusiasts who might stumble upon my channel.
I began doing business with Bacchus and STR after they hired me in late 2013 to do demonstrations for their Bacchus Woodline series, and also live demonstrations for Bacchus, Momose and STR at trade fairs here in Japan. I added and began to carry Atelier Z the next year, and dragonfly the year after that in 2015 and now Moon in 2018!
To date I have had over 200 custom orders for all makers and have shipped hundreds of Bacchus stock MIJ and MIP basses and hundreds of used MIJ basses such as Greco, Tune, Tokai, ESP and more around the globe.

I really enjoy working with the brands I have selected so far, and can communicate with them pretty much seamlessly in Japanese order to manage my customer's requests smoothly. I visit the builders here in Tokyo frequently and am in contact with them all on a regular basis.
It is great to have such a level of communication in order to bring my customers their orders without a hitch, and to have these wonderful instruments pass through my little shop!

I also work occasionally with Xotic and Sugi for those of you that want custom orders from them, but the demand for them so I do not carry them so frequently. Feel free to inquire anytime if you want to order any of them.

I hope I can be of service to you some day soon!


Danny Stewart