Epiphone Casino 2000 Turquoise

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This guitar was used on a photo shoot in 2000 and NEVER PLAYED. Peerless made.
It had been stored in a closet for the past fourteen years. That is why I am asking so much money.
I have it posted on e bay as well and it has a lot of hits and I mean a lot !
The serial number reads.
EPIPHONE CASINO TQ. R00H 0328. That translates to Epiphone Casino Turquoise. R=Peerless ( The best made reissues ) The 00 = 2000. The H = August ( I heard from Gibson about this guitar and they said it was very unusual to have the H in the serial,as they usually would use the month numerically i.e. 8. They also said the colour is very desireable) 0329= this was the 329 one made.I got the guitar from the people that shot this ad. It had never been played and was just used one day for a photo shoot for something. The prop man bought it for retail ( expense account obviously ) and he knew nothing about guitars. I had them pull it out and looked at it. It is as NEW ! I was given the guitar. I took it home and put new strings on it and set up the bridge and pickups. The guitar blew me away. Of course I had to research it. You can buy  these for $500. on e-bay on any given day.
The difference of course is the colour and the fact that it is fourteen years old and had never been played. It is very light weight. After I set it up and plugged it into an amp for the first time,I was awe struck. I could never figure out why the Beatles would use an Epiphone Casino as opposed to a Gibson 335. Now I know. It is a killer guitar. I played it for half an hour after setting it up and just for the heck of it played the Taxman solo. This guitar nailed the tone. The action ,it plays itself. This is a beautiful instrument in mint condition. The Peerless factory in Korea is known to be the best of these reissues and they are the best.I have read about people getting the Chinese made Casinos and apparently they are not nearly as well made. This one looks perfect and as good of condition as if you just walked into a store and took it off the rack new.
Has the original Epiphone hard-shell case. I have had it on e bay a couple of days and it already has I think it was 159 views and 44 watchers. I have it listed on e bay for $1500. or best offer. I am doing the same thing here. I will only ship in the lower 48 states. Ill pick up the shipping cost Fed Ex. I will also guarantee you this guitar is mint. Look at the pictures.

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