A rare, early 1970's Epiphone Long Scale SG/EB-3  by the Japanese  Antoria_Ibanez FujiGen Factory

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A rare, early 1970's Epiphone Long Scale SG/EB-3 copy made by the Japanese Antoria_Ibanez FujiGen Factory. All original, in great shape with almost no fret wear. No serial number.  Comes with a new Epiphone case that fits perfectly. Check out the video to hear this great bass. I have seen Ibanez, Aria and Electra versions of this bass but never another Epiphone and I have not been able to find any reference to Epiphone having these made.

In the early 1970s, Matsumoku began to manufacture Epiphone instruments in Japan with the production and distribution being managed by , in cooperation with Gibson. Construction of these guitars differed greatly from past Epiphone models. For the first several years of production in Japan, Epiphone guitars were actually rebranded designs already produced by the Matsumoku Company.

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Here is a is what I found on the “Internet of Things” about these basses.

That's a 2354B from mid '75 or earlier - after that Ibanez put serial numbers on their instruments.

If there is really such a thing as a lawsuit guitar, you've got one. Norlin, the Gibson parent company, filed a lawsuit against Hoshino USA (distributors of Ibanez in the US) in June '77 against the use of the headstock shape. The case never went to court, but the papers were filed. Since you bass is an Ibanez and has the Gibson headstock, it's one of the few bass models that can be called a 'lawsuit' with any kind of accuracy.

Nice SG Bass! Yes - Ibanez made a bunch of copies during the 70's. Early 70's their quality and attention to detail weren't the best - late 70's they really stepped up their game and were comparable to the real deal.

Around '76 or so, Ibanez received a legal notice from Gibson essentially saying "cut it out!" (legal jargon) - and Ibanez stopped producing exact copies of Gibson instruments. (and interestingly, when they started focusing on their own designs, their products were really something.) The Gibson "open book" headstock for example could not be used, nor the exact body shape. The fact that its a bolt on neck didn't really make any difference to Gibson - from the front, it still had the same exact shape/look as a Gibson. So the bolt ons were part of the legal notice.

These are incorrectly referred to as "lawsuit" models, but there really was no lawsuit.

That would mean your bass was made somewhere between 1970-1975.

They're collectible instruments, and a lot of fun to play. Enjoy it!

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