Rogan Sunn / Music Man 0-10 "Witch Hat" Control Knobs

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When ordering more than 1, be sure to "make an offer" so I can adjust the shipping down to a reasonable rate. I can't seem to find a way to charge a flat shipping rate regardless of quantity, so I think that is the only way to not compound shipping per item.

These are new production knobs from the same company that originally made the knobs for Sunn and Music Man amps in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. They are the same dimensions as the original knobs, and only .5 grams lighter due to a different, lower-mass plastic being used. 

1/4" (6.35 mm) bushing with cylindrical set screw, so they will fit on original, American-made 1/4" shaft pots, as well as later production 6 mm, foreign-made pots. Material is slightly glossier than older knobs, due to not being scuffed by 40+ years of handling. 

The chief distinction between these and "Fender-style" knobs is that they are numbered 0-10 instead of 1-10. Many Sunn and Music Man amps have had their knobs partially or entirely replaced with Fender 1-10 knobs, so these would aid in restoring it to the original look. Additionally, modern Fender reproduction "Sunn' Model T amps were fitted with 1-10 Fender knobs so these would give those amps a more vintage-appropriate look. 

***I apologize for the high per-unit price, I realize that this is significantly above the going rate for mass-produced Chinese Fender-style 1-10 knobs. Suffice to say, with all of the fees associated with selling online, especially a low-price accessory product like these, this ends up being only a few cents above my break-even cost; I'm not making any profit off of these. I wanted to sell them for cheaper but I also didn't want to actively lose money in the process. I hope you can understand. I wanted to make these available for those of us who are interested in restoring the original look to our amps, since they are impossible to find otherwise. But I don't want anyone to think that I'm taking advantage of the lack of supply with price gouging.***

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