Introducing a brand new product like nothing you have ever seen before. Tilt-a-Speaker was designed with the simple idea that most guitar amps and cabinets direct their sound at ground level. By simply putting an angled adapter between your speaker and baffle board inside your amp or speaker cabinet you can now direct the sound towards your ears where it always should have been.  This very simple design solves the problems of tilting your amp back or putting it up on a stand or milk crate just to hear it. It installs easily in most amps and cabinets with 12 inch speakers and keeps them flat on the floor where they were designed to sound their best.


    Since the invention of the first electric guitar amp, guitar players have all had the same problem. They can’t hear their amps. They put a block of wood under it, lean it back against the wall or just crank it so loud that all anyone can hear is guitar. Other companies continue to use “outside the box” thinking as a solution. They’ve given you amp stands, tilt back legs and angled cabinets that all dramatically affect the sound of the amp. We took the thinking back “inside the box”. Why not just tilt the speaker up? Your amp is now still flat on the floor without the risk of falling over and you don’t have to carry around all those stands, legs or blocks of wood. 


     With the Tilt-A-Speaker you can also aim or “clock” your speakers left and right for a wider stereo spread. Or aim those bottom speakers in your 4x12 cabinet up so you can actually here them. Instead of turning the volume up and blowing out the front row and your sound man, you can just tilt your speaker up.


    Tilt-A-Speaker installs easily in most rear loaded speaker cabinets and many combo amps with 12 inch speakers. Since we can’t test it out in every single amp and cabinet ever made we can help you to figure out if it will work in your amp or cab. You will need approximately 2 1/4 inches of clearance to install the Tilt-A-Speaker.  Look inside the back to see if there are any components that may not allow the speaker to be tilted back, sideways or whatever angle you plan on installing it in. Look for transformers, tubes, large or low hanging amp chassis, protruding handles, etc. Provided you don’t have any of these issues you should be able to easily install this with common hand tools and without un-wiring your speakers.


     SCREWS NOT INCLUDED!!!   Since different manufacturers use different size screws you will need to get the correct length and size screws for your particular amp. Most modern amps and cabs will use either t-nuts with screws or common wood screws. These can be found at your local hardware store for no more than a couple dollars.  In most cases you will need (2) 2 ½ inch screws and (2) 1 ¾ inch screws.  Please make sure the screw is not too long that it protrudes through the front of your grill cloth.


     This should go without saying but please be very careful in the handling of your speaker while installing the Tilt-A-Speaker. Your speaker is made of paper and can easily be damaged if you are not careful. It’s also a good idea to remove and set aside any tubes that may get in the way while you’re working inside the amp as to protect them from any damage.


Our Website  is currently under construction but will soon be complete. We will soon have more info including instructional installation videos and photos of Tilt-A-Speaker installed in amps and cabinets. Also check us out at  You will find pics of these installed in various cabinets and amps. 

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