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Basses with more than the standard four strings have become an absolutely vital tool for players that need a little extra range. Starting with the short-lived Fender Bass V of the '60s and various custom basses from brands like Alembic in the '70s, the popularity of five- and six-string basses has expanded vastly and has become a central part of genres like funk, R&B and even some forms of metal. Today, players have a wealth of 5-string and 6-string options to choose from with major brands like Fender and Ibanez producing extended versions of most of their popular bass designs. For something even more special, the bass market is stocked with stellar custom and boutique brands like Warwick and Fodera catering to the extended range crowd. These instruments are frequently built with active pickups and high-end woods, making them some of the finest options in the bass market.