Check Out Some of the Reverb Team's Eurorack Rigs on ModularGrid

ModularGrid is one of the most popular online communities for modular synth enthusiasts. As a database and planner, it allows users to build virtual racks of modular units, whether it's to map out their desired setups or show off what they have in real life. Matching your virtual rack to the specs and requirements of each module, the website determines how much power you'd need, how large your rack would have to be, and how much it would all cost to acquire.

The resulting grids can be aspirational, like Richard Devine's current live setup of 57 modules, but with 178,422 combinations (and counting) of the 6,954 Eurorack modules on the site, there are plenty of levels of inspiration available—from modest to extraordinary.

Below, we're showing off the virtual racks of a few Reverb team members, including Justin DeLay, Theron Humiston, and Will McEvilly. Find the setups of thousands of other musicians over at ModularGrid.

Justin DeLay's Eurorack Drum Machine

Justin DeLay, who you may know from our Intro to Synthesis video series or our recent "The Easiest Way to Record Your Synthesizer," is using ModularGrid to build a Eurorack drum machine. His modules include:

Theron Humiston's Buchla-Esque Rig

Theron Humiston, one of the developers for Reverb LP, mapped out two rigs in ModularGrid. The first, pictured above, is an attempt to make a Buchla-style synth out of Eurorack modules:

Theron Humiston's Musique Concrète Rig

Theron's second rig is made to execute the experimental stylings of Musique Concrète, utilizing these modules:

Will McEvilly's Ambient Drone Rig

Reverb's Will McEvilly has written a number of articles for Reverb News, like "How to Integrate MIDI with Your Eurorack Setup," and performs with this pictured setup under the name Holy Family. His modules include:

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