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Reviews for the Make Noise Morphagene
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  • amazing !

    You will never get disappointed !

  • Go Team Morphagene!

    Verified Purchase

    This module is the now centerpiece of my system. It is amazing! Working on making room and saving up for a second one. This excels at ambient/experimental/concrete. The recording option is nice, but I prefer to load in my own samples from the SD card. Infinite possibilities!

  • Really fantastic

    Verified Purchase

    This module is pretty incredible. It adapts well to whatever material you put into it, and there are so many sounds and styles of manipulation possible! The manual is dense and requires a lot of reference, and a lot of experimentation is necessary if you really want to get the most out of it, but th…

  • Verified Purchase

    Great seller. Mint condition module arrived safely. Thanks!

  • Game changer

    Verified Purchase

    This module changed my grand plans for my “endgame” rack setup. Now the goal is to have 4 of these bad boys (and let the madness ensue). Absolutely my favorite module.