Mutable Instruments Peaks is provides four different essential modulation/transient functions in a small package. Divided into two identical sections, Peaks provides any combinations of LFO (low frequency oscillators), LFO w/ Tap Tempo functions, and ADSR / AR envelope functions. Additionally Peaks provides a drum simulator mode that can synthesize kick, snare, and hi hat sounds digitally modeled from the famous Roland Tr-808.

Specs:  8HP, +12V: 60mA ; -12V: 2mA

Product Specs

  • Peaks
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Mutable Instruments Peaks
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  • Versatile and absolute quality

    Verified Purchase

    If you dont need it for one thing, you'll end up using it for another. Very versatile and reliable. Have used it in almost all of my patches even when my rack is full of drums and modulation sources. Everybody should have at least 1 of these in their eurorack system.

  • Great multifunction unit

    Verified Purchase

    Fantastic multifunction module. I use it mainly as a dual adsr, but the drum and lfo modules are awesome. There are a few alternate modes that are great as well. It's a small module, but the dual adsr can be used independently. Mutable Instruments delivers an essential module with tons of functionality in a small package.

  • Verified Purchase

    tiny module with a zillion features. great for small cases.... mutable is always a great manufacture