The Arturia Minibrute is a full featured analog monosynth in a compact package, featuring 3 oscillator types which can be mixed for a huge variety of sounds. Each type includes an additional form of adjustable processing as well. The saw wave gets a widening Ultrasaw circuit, the square wave can utilize Pulse Width Modulation, and the triangle wave can be run through the unique Metallizer circuit. Featuring MIDI and CV I/O in addition to it's 25 key semi-weighted keyboard, audio and USB connections, the Minibrute also excels as an interface between computers and vintage or modular synths.

Product Specs

  • Minibrute
  • Black
  • 2010s
Number of Keys
  • 25 Keys

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Reviews for the Arturia Minibrute Analog Synthesizer
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  • Tune In

    Verified Purchase

    When you think of this as just an instrument and look at it’s price point and “modest” capabilities, YOU are losing money if you don’t buy it. It may be just an oscillator (twoish really) and some electrical controls that attempt to harness those waves, but this elegant “beginner”* synthesizer op…

  • Quality > quantity

    Verified Purchase

    Coming from playing guitar and bass in live bands, I recently entered the world of synthesizers. After a lot of research and YouTube videos, I chose to pilot the Roland JD-Xi alongside the Arturia Minibrute (two pretty different synthesizers). Although the JD-Xi offered a TON of functionality for th…

  • Not good for notes

    Verified Purchase

    Minibrute does not offer much notation for playing with other instruments. I returned and got a polyphonic synth and am happier

  • MiniBrute maximal sound

    Verified Purchase

    The Arturia MiniBrute is a solid analog synth. Well built, easy to manipulate sliders and pots, and a massive sound. The templates provided help to get started making music right away. I do wish there was a way to save presets, but you can’t have it all at this price point.

  • Incredibly fun synth

    Verified Purchase

    Wonderfully rich sound, with a lot more depth than the price would indicate. Every parameter has a live knob and there are no presets of any kind -- you have to setup any sound you want from scratch. This is both a blessing (yay creativity!) and a curse (can't switch between presets). Knocking off …