Video: VFE Pedals Dragon Overdrive, Standout Mid Boost, and Pinball Tilt EQ

Today, Reverb's Andy Martin is presenting a triple feature, checking out three new stompboxes from VFE Pedals: the Dragon Dynamic Overdrive, Standout Mid Boost, and Pinball Tilt EQ. Though each effect, of course, can be used independently from one another, VFE built these specific circuits to sound great when played in tandem.

The Dragon is a dynamic overdrive that promises "ultimate power" over the pre-gain bass cut and post-gain treble cut found in classic pedals like the ProCo Rat, Klon Centaur, Ibanez Tubescreamer, and other drives. The Dragon gives players precise control over the pre-gain bass cut (HPF) for thickening up low-end and post-gain treble cut (LPF) for smoothing out the top-end or adding sparkle.

Complementing the Dragon is the Standout Mid Boost, which lets players dial in the exact amount of HPF and LPF that they're looking for. You can put it in your chain to help clean up a specific pedal or position it to tame your amp—which is especially useful for high-gain varieties. The filters can be set at 6dB or even 12dB for more dramatic EQ cuts.

Lastly, blending it all together is the Pinball Tilt EQ—the first tunable tilt EQ on the market. Most tilt EQs work by turning a knob clockwise for more treble and less bass and counterclockwise for the opposite, but they also have fixed frequency filters that users can't change. The Pinball changes all of that, by letting users set the filters at either 6dB or 12dB, depending on their needs.

Be sure to watch the full video above to get a better idea of how these pedals sound independently and in tandem, and buy your own Dragon Dynamic Overdrive, Standout Mid Boost, or Pinball Tilt EQ right now on Reverb.

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