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Crafted with individual high pass and low pass filters for dialing in the exact EQ curve you're after, the VFE Pinball Tilt EQ offers unprecedented equalization control in an all-analog package. The HPF and LPF knobs go even further in customization with a 6dB/12dB filter switch for even more dynamic EQ response with a tone knob that acts as a blend between the two filters to smooth edges, brighten tones, add bite. An incredibly versatile effect that works as many wonders on bass and synth as it does on guitar.

Product Specs

  • Pinball Tilt EQ
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the VFE Pinball Tilt EQ
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  • Tilt EQ

    Verified Purchase

    Basically bought this to filter lows from an octaver pedal, but I have a hard time turning it off ... works far better than expected, and is super easy to tweak. I love how it sounds. The 7-band eq has been on vacation since I got the Pinball. Surprisingly good pedal, and more versatile than expected.

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  • The Four Knobs Every Amp is Missing

    Verified Purchase

    Ok, I bought the VHE Standout before I bought the Pinball and for me, the Standout is the best overdrive pedal I’ve ever owned and I will keep it ‘til I die. It’s like no other OD or EQ I’ve ever tried and is exactly what I’ve searching for. It’s like the 4 knobs my amp (and every amp) was missing. …

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  • Amazing Control

    Verified Purchase

    Great boost and EQ. With up to 26dB of gain, and amazing control of the high pass and low pass filters, you can find your sound!

  • Gift for my husband, he loves it! Thank you!

  • Verified Purchase

    I use the VFE Pinball at the front of my board. Whether we're playing a festival or a small club it gives me all EQ the options i need.